Brand Guide

The beauty of working together is that everybody has their own ideas and perspectives. However, consistency is important if we want to build trust and affinity for our brand. The purpose of the Brand Guide is to give you a solid foundation for your work. If you’re reading this document, we’ve entrusted you with the Fullscript brand. As our brand evolves, so will our rules and tools. If you aren’t sure if your creation is on-brand, just ask!

Protecting our logo

Safe zones

This grid represents the minimum space required for separating the logo from competing elements.

Ensuring proper use of our logo is important to convey a professional, consistent, and trusted brand image.

Incorrect usage

  1. Do not apply non-approved colors
  2. Do not use the logo to create sub-brands
  3. Do not apply gradients or effects
  4. Do not alter the elements of the logo
  5. Do not distort the logo in any way
  6. Do not use the logo as an active graphic element
  1. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo
  2. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo
  3. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo
  4. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo
  5. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo
  6. Example of incorrect use of Fullscript logo



Our colors have been chosen to meet AA Level Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure accessibility for all.

Note: The colour of the text and icon within the capsule shapes below represent the most effective and accessible colour combinations needed for text and for best displaying our logo. Use Coal 2 for text where possible to ensure clear accessibility compliance.

Greenery as text

Use the full positive logo on white or light backgrounds.
NOTE: Greenery on Core colors best represent our brand.

Greenery as a background

Use the full negative logo on Coal 2 or 3, Forest 1 or 2.
NOTE: Greenery on Core colors best represent our brand.

Color palette

Core palette

Our core palette represents our main corporate color palette.

Greenery is used primarily for our logo. It can be used graphically, so long as it isn’t used as text or with text reversed out of it. Though it carries our signature colour, it is NOT an accessible colour that can be used to display content.

Coal is the other color that makes up the positive version of our logo. It also provides maximum contrast for content when used for text or for graphics.

Expanded palette

These colors allow for greater variety. This more vibrant palette projects health and vibrancy. They can be used to support campaigns and to draw attention when used as icons, labels, and illustration.

Core palette

Greenery Fullscript leaf


White Fullscript leaf


Coal 1Fullscript leaf


Coal 2Fullscript leaf


Coal 3Fullscript leaf


Coal 4Fullscript leaf


Coal 5Fullscript leaf


Coal 6Fullscript


Forest 1Fullscript leaf


Forest 2Fullscript leaf


Forest 3Fullscript leaf


Forest 4Fullscript leaf


Forest 5Fullscript leaf


Expanded palette

Berry 1Fullscript leaf


Berry 2Fullscript leaf


Berry 3Fullscript leaf


Berry 4Fullscript leaf


Berry 5Fullscript leaf


Zest 1Fullscript leaf


Zest 2Fullscript leaf


Zest 3Fullscript leaf


Zest 4Fullscript leaf


Zest 5Fullscript leaf


Plum 1Fullscript leaf


Plum 2Fullscript leaf


Plum 3Fullscript leaf


Plum 4Fullscript leaf


Plum 5Fullscript leaf


Cherry 1Fullscript leaf


Cherry 2Fullscript leaf


Cherry 3Fullscript leaf


Cherry 4Fullscript leaf


Cherry 5Fullscript leaf




We use Sofia Pro exclusively for all marketing materials. It features eight font weight options – giving us plenty of variety for drawing attention to keywords or bold statements.

Sofia Pro – Regular



We use Nunito Sans for all internal materials though the Google suite. It is a similar font to Sofia, and offers a similar variety of font weights, but it should not be used for external-facing marketing materials.

Nunito Sans



Our icon style is based on Font Awesome – an icon family that also reflects our basic visual language. Icons should be used to represent or punctuate a singular concept.

Both illustrations and icons are line-based – making them simple, sophisticated, and clear. Using the expanded color palette can help icons stand-out.

Access our icon library in our Design Resources drive. *Internal access only



Fonts (internal use only)

Sofia Pro.zip Nunito Sans.zip

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